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Play with friends and newcomers – make totally new aquintances that become your best buddies ever!


Be the Hero for real!
Azura offers limitless game action that contributes to the planet!


Azura works with Coffeee houses and social meeting places, continuously expanding the community and adding new activities.


AzuraLab provide 
creative solutions
for all your needs!

AzuraLab delivers Azura – a new ecosystem of user-friendly Life Wear technology with a unique Channel-Community that caters and creates world-changing social entertainment activities including but not limited to game and tourism experiences.

Azura consists of two parts:

Azura EarthLife
A global Channel-Community with social, healthy and friendship-building activites and

Azura One
Life Wear that helps the user to navigate it’s immidate physical surroundings as well as nearby places.

The Azura One solution is it’s own device and software but is also delivered as app versions on iOS and Android devices.

Invite Azurians to your space – and see your business thrive! 


We provide a world of societal change 

The Azura Community-Channel involves people all over the world in buildning the world as we want to see it: developing and creating activities that contribute to a better planet; physical health, education, sustainable society, preservation of earth’s biodiveristy, protecting ecosystems, fighting for equality in our societies.

Azura supports a broad range of grass-roots organizations and NGO:s that work for peace, democracy, environmental & biodiversity protection, human rights, animal rights and non-discrimination worldwide.

Fika & Relax

Be part of the movement – contribute in your own way -every little step towards realisation of a better tomorrow is an amazing step in the right direction.  We encourage you to take action – YES we can!

Azura Color Campaign 

We invite you to partake the Azura Color Campaign and contribute to good efforts and causes all over the world! Every Azura clip-on Life Wear symbolizes a special theme of world recognized efforts. Every Azura activity contributes to a global achievment!

Become an Active Azura Ambassador

Azura offers the Active Azura Ambassador Program that enables individuals as well as organizational partners to actively pursue and push Azura efforts on a daily basis. As an AAA member of Azura you’re rewarded for your contributions through our partner-organizations.


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